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Your Guide to Real Estate in Lefkada:
FAQs Answered by Porto Katsiki Real Estate

Hello there! At Porto Katsiki Real Estate, we understand that buying property in Lefkada can come with lots of questions. We’re here to help with clear answers and expert advice. Let’s dive into some common questions we hear from clients like you:

A: In Lefkada, you can buy land in urban areas where building is already permitted. These areas are a bit pricier because they have services like water and electricity. There’s also ‘architectural land’ which meets certain criteria for building.

A: To build on architectural land, it needs to be over 4,000 square meters with at least 25 meters of road frontage. Some exceptions apply, like being next to certain roads.

A: Agricultural land costs less because you’ll need to connect services like water and electricity. The cost to do this depends on how far these services are from the land. Just ask us for specifics about each plot.

A: If you buy land that can be built on but doesn’t have a permit yet, getting one can start from around €15,000 and go up, depending on the plot.

A: After deciding what to build and getting your plans ready, it usually takes about 3-4 months to get a building permit. Delays can happen if there are objections from local authorities.

A: You can’t split architectural land. Say you build four villas to rent out and later want to sell them – you’d have to sell all four together as one project.

A: Buying forest land that’s not cleared for forestry means you’re quite limited in what you can do. Always check if land is clear of forestry, especially outside urban zones.

A: If only part of the land is cleared, you can build only on that cleared part, not the whole plot.

A: Once cleared from forestry, you just need to build at least 15 meters inside the plot’s boundary.

A: Work with an agent you trust. We have 17 years of experience in Lefkada real estate and can guide you smoothly through the process. Reach out for a chat!

A: Yes, but there are legal steps and documents needed. We can make this process smooth for you.

A: There are taxes to consider, like property transfer taxes. We recommend talking to a tax expert to understand all the details.

A: From beachfront villas to modern apartments, there’s a lot on offer. We’ll help find what suits you best.

A: Definitely! It’s a popular spot, so rental properties do well here. We can guide you in setting up a rental.

A: We do thorough checks to make sure there are no issues with the property’s title.

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