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Porto Katsiki Real Estate

At Porto Kastiki, we’re committed to turning your visions into reality with bespoke Development and Planning Advice Lefkada. Guided by our seasoned real estate agent, Vaso Vazouki, we stand ready to navigate you through the intricacies of property development and planning in the stunning region of Lefkada.

Tailored Strategies by Vaso Vazouki

Vaso Vazouki’s expertise in local development regulations and planning processes ensures that you receive personalised and strategic advice. Whether it’s understanding zoning laws or obtaining the necessary permits, our Planning Advice Lefkada service is designed to streamline your journey from concept to construction.

Your Vision, Expertly Crafted

Your property development aspirations deserve expert guidance. With Porto Kastiki, you’ll gain access to Vaso’s wealth of knowledge and network of local planning experts, ensuring that every step of your development project in Lefkada is executed with precision and care.

17 Years of Experience

Lefkada Real Estate

Transforming Concepts into Creations

Embrace the beauty of Lefkada with a partner who understands the importance of detail in development and planning. Trust in Porto Kastiki and Vaso Vazouki to offer the Planning Advice Lefkada that will turn your property development dreams into tangible successes.

Let’s shape the future of Lefkada together. Discover how with Porto Kastiki’s Development and Planning Advice.


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