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Guide to Greek Land Types for Buyers

Understanding Types of Land in Greece

Property ownership in Greece is essentially categorized into two distinct types: properties located outside urban planning zones and those within. The former is further subdivided into agricultural land and agricultural land with existing constructions. Notably, some plots are designated by the Greek state as agricultural lands for resettling farmers, especially following the influx of refugees since 1922. These plots, primarily aimed at bolstering agricultural activities, are characteristically large and cannot be legally subdivided.

Agricultural land outside urban planning areas is primarily utilized for farming and natural produce cultivation.

Conversely, properties within urban development zones are typically earmarked for construction. These plots are either part of an approved urban plan or located within settlement boundaries, even without an official urban plan.

In Greece, the law often allows construction on properties outside designated urban areas. The construction permissions and regulations vary based on the property’s size and the intended use of the building. For instance, it’s generally possible to build structures up to 186 square meters on agricultural land that is at least 4,000 square meters. Also, if you’re building a cave villa (which needs a sloped plot), you might be able to build more – like turning a 186 square meter building allowance plot into a 386 square meter allowance. For specific details on each plot, do contact us.

Urban planning rules are more lenient for building land, which is primarily for construction purposes.

When acquiring Greek property, two crucial factors are “conformity” and “buildability” (in Greek, “artio” and “ikodomisimo”). A compliant property meets the legal criteria for construction.

Selecting the Ideal Rural Property The choice of rural property hinges on the individual’s or entity’s specific needs and intended use. Possible uses include residential, private, agricultural, professional, or commercial purposes.

Since building in non-urban zones is permissible, these areas can cater to private residences. Agricultural land can also serve farming purposes and is generally more affordable, particularly away from major urban centers.

Properties for professional or commercial use can be found both within and outside urban plans. The nature of the business dictates the property type, which might include:

  • Office spaces in multi-storey buildings
  • Non-urban land for commercial shops, factories, manufacturing, storage, or shopping centers
  • Sites for renewable energy facilities (e.g., solar or wind farms)
  • Properties suitable for transport-related activities like logistics centers.

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